What is Bizzmeetr?

Bizzmeetr is a revolutionary new app that will make networking easier than ever. Everytime you meet someone through Bizzmeetr you are giving your professional network a boost.

How is our networking app different than all the others?

There isn’t an app like Bizzmeetr. Most social network apps work in the virtual world, Bizzmeetr connects your virtual world with reality as it allows you to connect face to face.

Who should use Bizzmeetr?

If you are a professional looking to meet other professionals who are like minded, then Bizzmeetr is the app for you. Whether you are just trying to connect with other professionals or you are job hunting, Bizzmeetr is the right app.

What is the relationship between Bizzmeetr and LinkedIn?

Both are independent of each other. Bizzmeetr uses information in your professional profile on LinkedIn to create your app profile.

Where can I find the app?

Bizzmeetr is available on the App store or on Google Play.